Face Shaping

Slimmer oval shape face in 30 minutes!

Facial recontouring uses non-surgical BTA cosmetic to reshape a square looking jaw to a more delicate feminine oval jaw.

Most people prefer a slimmer, oval shaped face to enhance the delicate features. Unfortunately, Asians naturally have a wider square looking lower face due to hypertrophy or enlargement of the jaw muscle.

For those who desire a slimmer lower face without resorting to invasive surgical procedures, Cosmetic Botulinum is ideal as it is simple, safe, effective and non-invasive.

The solution is introduced into the jaw muscle using a very fine needle. It is really painless thanks to the very fine needle used.

This simple 30 minutes procedure will reduce the massetter muscle bulk within 2 to 4 weeks giving you a slimmer, oval facial contour.

Facial reshaping using Cosmetic Botulinum is a very safe and easy treatment and has gained US FDA approval. You can resume all activities immediately after the treatment.