PICO Laser

Erase skin imperfections with zero surrounding skin damage.

Picosecond Laser is developed to remove most pigmentation, birthmark and tattoo inks quick and effectively. Rest assured, our PICO Laser is FDA, CE and KFDA certified safe.

The laser system has developed into very short laser pulses which penetrate very deep into the skin to break down the smaller pigments particles in the skin. The treatment is safe with less downtime!

How does the laser work?

  • The laser is very effective on epidermal (superficial) and dermal (deep) pigmentation. The targeted cells absorb the light energy and convert them into acoustic wave which shatter the pigments particles from superficial to deep layer of the skin.
  • For deeper pigments, the nanosecond pulse will penetrate the skin without breaking it and break down the deep pigments into small fragments to be absorbed with the help of the white blood cells.
What is the advantage of this laser?

The lesion can be treated precisely and accurately with minimal complication. The normal surrounding tissue is spared and preserved during the treatment. The improvement is fast and complete.

What does this laser treat?

  • Pigmentation

    • The laser treats epidermal pigmentation e.g. freckles, lentigines, and age spots
    • Dermal pigmentation e.g. Hori’s naevi
    • Birthmark e.g. naevus of ota, café au lait, Mongolian spots.
    • Tattoo - This laser removes all ink colours
    • Overall skin whitening and brightening effect
  • Redness

    • Most redness on the skin is vascular or capillary in origin and difficult to eliminate. However this laser can reduce the skin redness very safe and effectively even after one session. E.g. Post-acne erythema scars, rosacea.
  • Inflammatory and cystic acne vulgaris

  • Skin Rejuvenation, large pores and acne scars

The innovative HEXA MLA laser handpiece allows high energy fractional laser beam to penetrate into skin stimulating new collagen without disrupting the normal skin surface.

What do I expect from the laser treatment?

  • You may feel some pain during the treatment. The pain is mild and is similar to snapping the skin with rubber band. With anesthetic cream applied before the treatment, this treatment is pain free.
  • The treated area may become reddish depends on the problem treated and it will disappear between 1-7 days. Repeated laser treatments are necessary at the interval of one month or longer.
What is the possible side effect?

  • Temporally pigmentation changes may occur depending on the skin type, but the chance is very low and if happens it will improve completely after 2-3 weeks.