Profhilo – Skin Booster

Perfect for Skin Hydration, Radiance and Elasticity

What is Profhilo?

Profhilo is an injectable skin treatment containing one of the highest concentrations of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) in the market.

Thanks to the unique preparation, Profhilo is a treatment with the least downtime and discomfort. Compared with other Hyaluronic Acid Treatment, only 10 injections points is sufficient for whole face or neck thanks to the high concentration, slow released and good diffusion ability.

How does Profhilo work?

The slow release HA by Profhilo hydrate the full layer of the skin and stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin in the dermal layer, improving hydration and the appearance of fine lines. It really make your skin GLOW.

HA draws and holds water from your body. This transforms tired, dull-looking skin, into firm and luminous skin within 3-5 days of treatment. Over the next few weeks collagen and elastin production is stimulated, producing a secondary skin tightening and anti-wrinkle effect. The best result will be seen 2 months after the second treatment.


What does Profhilo treatment involve?

Profhilo is injected just below the skin’s surface over 2 sessions 4 weeks apart. After injection it disperses quickly beneath the skin to improve hydration. A single course of Profhilo involves 2 injectable treatments 4 weeks apart, after which you can expect to see an intense hydration.

It makes the skin glow, fine lines can disappear and you’ll notice smoother, tighter skin. Courses of two treatments can be repeated every six months as needed to maintain the results.

What are the Benefits of Profhilo?

Profhilo improves multiple skin conditions in a single treatment session, from improving skin tone, texture, hydration and overall radiance to increase firmness and elasticity and promote healthier and softer-looking skin.

On top of hydrating and anti-aging the treatment softens scars, pores and stretch marks.

Profhilo is applicable for total rejuvenation of all skin areas, facial areas, neck, decollete, arms, knees and hands.

What about Recovery?

The downtime following a treatment is minimal, because only a few injection points is required and you should be able to return to normal activities immediately after your procedure.