Permanent Hair Removal

Ultimate solution for smooth hairless skin.

cIPL permanent hair removal is reliable, safe and painless in removing unwanted body hair, giving you a smooth hairless skin that everybody wants.

Hair removal has grown popularity as it is long lasting and much more comfortable than shaving and waxing. cIPL hair removal is also used to treat ingrown hair and discoloration over the upper lip and underarms due to excessive shaving.

The light destroys the hair follicles without interrupting the normal skin layer and inhibits the hair growth permanently after a few treatments. Commonly treated area includes upper lips, armpits, face, legs, arms, and bikini lines.
What is the advantage of cIPL permanent hair removal?

  • Excellent aesthetic outcome
  • Long term lasting effect
  • Fast treatment session
  • Advanced contact cooling technology, minimized discomfort
  • Help to lighten the skin at the same time

What do you expect during or after the treatment?

As the sapphire tips cool up the skin effectively before the treatment, the skin can be treated very effectively with little discomfort. After the treatment, the skin maybe slightly warm and reddish and will subside after 2-4 hours.

How many sessions is needed?

As the treatment is only effective on active growing phase of the hair, the treatment will be repeated every 6-8 weeks., after 5-6 sessions, most hair will be targeted.